The user interface of your application can mean the difference between the success or failure of your application.

Your program may be exactly what the user needs but a poorly designed user interface can frustrate your user. Frustrated users have two options: continue to use your program until they find something better; or reject your program immediately and find a better alternative.

The aspects of user interface design which need to be considered include the appropriate use of: colours, fonts, controls, terminology, screen layout, and navigation.

Zada Solutions can provide an objective assessment of any of your applications' user interfaces. This includes applications you have developed yourself, applications you have had developed for your organisation, applications which are in development, or applications which are due to be upgraded/assessed.

When assessing the user interface we also take into consideration the processes which occur before and after the program is used. For example, whether the design of manual forms facilitates efficient data-entry and whether outputs provide sufficient information for later processes.

Contact us for a confidential assessment of your applications' user interfaces.

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