We live in an information age and we manage that  information with databases. Unfortunately, many organisations still see databases as some number-hungry beast that sits in the corner waiting to be fed when someone has the time.

By designing our databases so they integrate with your organisation's processes, your staff are left to concentrate on getting their jobs done. The database works in the background - extracting everything it needs.

Often, the terms data and information are used interchangeably. There is, however, a very big difference in the two. 'Data' is simply numbers or words that may or may not mean something to you. 'Information' is data that is presented in a way that enables it to convey a message.

Imagine a telephone book that is not sorted in any particular order. The book contains data - some of it may be useful but most of it is not. That same data - sorted alphabetically - turns the entire directory into a source of information. You know exactly where to find a name, address, and telephone number.

Data doesn't always originate from within your organisation. A vast amount of data comes from external sources. Zada Solutions can help turn your organisation's data into a valuable source of information.