Zada Solutions was established in 1996. We create custom-made solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our users include not-for-profit organisations, government departments, small businesses, individuals, and corporations in 78 countries.

The key to our success is that our software is always written with the user in mind. From the initial discussion to the follow-up assessment, the user's needs are always considered.


Create software that is affordable, appropriate, and easy to use.

We believe these three goals are non-negotiable. Why develop a solution if nobody can afford it? Why create a program if it doesn't do what it's supposed to do? Why write software that nobody knows how to use?

Our job doesn't end once we've achieved these three goals. We always make follow-up contact to ensure the program is working the way we expected and, more importantly, the way the customer expected.

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Why fix something if it isn't broken?

Most of our customers already had computerised or manual systems that were working for them and we certainly never fix anything if it isn't broken. For all our customers we were able to offer advice on how things could be done more efficiently.

Every organisation has its own way of doing things and you know a lot more about your organisation than we do. Our solutions are made to fit your business. Take some time to look at the systems you are using. Is there room for improvement? Is there something you do regularly that you wish could be done more efficiently?

One of our customers used to spend three days of every month hand-writing his invoices. Now, all his invoices are prepared and in the mail within an hour.

As far as the owner of the business was concerned his system was working just fine. We agreed that his system was "working" , we simply made it work more efficiently. This is an extreme case but you'd be surprised at just how many simple tasks are given far more time than they warrant.

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